Saturday, September 11, 2010

So it turns out the hot black girl down the hall....

Is a virgin also!! What the fuck?! She's 17, cute, amazing ass and a horrible kisser. We were fucking around tonight(about 45 minutes ago to be exact) and she was like "let's have sex" I was like, "alright let's go!" So I go and put little Eddy Rocket in and i can only get my head in and she's like "ouuuccchhh! oh my god it feels like a pap smear!! Take it out!" I was like "what's the problem? Are you alright?" She tells me she's a fucking virgin and she can't take little Eddy Rocket. At this point I'm like, OK sweetie, let's try again. I line myself up and push and she's like, "This isn't going to work, it's too big." Packs her shit up and goes home. I was left home with a hard-on and nothing to show for it. Fuck my life and virgins.


  1. Dw bro there's plenty more fish in the sea!

  2. you lucky dog... get some lube, and you need patience...
    seriously, go buy lube.
    supporting your cause mate